• Image of Desert Mistchief:Robot Safe
  • Image of Desert Mistchief:Robot Safe
  • Image of Desert Mistchief:Robot Safe
  • Image of Desert Mistchief:Robot Safe
  • Image of Desert Mistchief:Robot Safe

I'm a mini safe for your stash or just an over sized bank for the family. My head spins 360 and my swinging mustachio will hook your guest with questions about my origins. Your stash is safe and sound with me......I promise.....
These banks are all recycled and will get your friends talking about your spending habits.
The bank is primarily constructed from sheet metal tailings and various odds and ends harvest from our industrial evolution. A section of cold rolled perforated mesh allows you to see your money come and go. This banks durable construction ensures generations of use and abuse.
Cash out and finance that burning desire, or maybe just a little gas money till payday.
My original works are hand painted, welded and riveted with love. Each piece is signed and dated.

Whats the story?
I had long summers full of hot days and dusty bike rides on canal roads. We always found trouble mid day when everyone was inside and we were out playing in the irrigation ditches. Fire works from Rocky Point, peashooters and lighters filled our pockets with fun.
-His chart toppin hat comes via a re-purposed fence post caps.
-Eyes & Top lights: Scrap Material sections serve as his eye details combined with vintage aviation panel light lenses make up his eyes and body lights. Found south of Tucson,AZ.
-Side Indicators: Mid 70's Aviation marker light sockets. L.A.
-Nose & Stash: Cast tow hook meets Bicycle brake calipers forged into his swanky swinging mustachio. This has a side to side swinging action.
-Body: His Body case was a electrical junction box that never made it to the show. The belt is made from Stainless Steel banding strap and the latch is harvested from a vintage toolbox.
-Arms:VW bug push rod tubes. His hands are constructed from used bicycle bearing races. These have a great spring action upon contact.
-Rear Pack: Found metal box with Military Radio I.D. Badge.(1960s)
-Legs:(Heat reflectors) Found the curved sections were found in a gas ceiling heater from the 1960s. Mild steel tubing makes his boots and leg structure. The long tapered riveted details are arms from vintage highway safety reflectors.
-Inside: You get 1-Vintage film canister.
1-Mini Mason Jar with rivets.
1-Paps magnet.
1-Vintage 1954 Tijuana postcard.
Note: The Lighter and Fire Cracker are not included in this sale! Sorry.
Put your money in a bank you can trust.
Thanks for stopping by.

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